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May 13, 2008


Janice Tully

Thank you, Your letter was well put! As a Realtor I find that client who jump about are doing more harm then good but only to them selves.


Thanks for the post Jeff, I was explaining some of these same points to a client recently as well.

Jeff Belonger


Thank you very much. I just wanted consumers to realize that it's more than just a promise over the phone.
thanks, jeff



Thanks... I just think that consumers need to know all of this to make a smart decision. In my opinion, there are many red flags that they need to know about.
thanks, jeff

hypotheek test

I think consumer requires to know all he thinks is essential.At times it may be little annoying to convenience a consumer for the best deal you have, however I think it is just part of the game. I also think we got to understand fault does not always come from the bad offer but could be because of bad communication as well.

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